Winter 2021 Semester - Outdoor Hootenannies & Online classes

Our Musical Winter Wonderland Adventure continues this January!  

Get ready to have a magical and cozy musical winter with us! 


When you register for winter, your family will recieve a beautifully illustrated songbook.  Our Mixed Age and Babies collection is Bells and will also come with a CD with access to your music online. The Bells collection is one of Music Together®'s 9 collections of music.  Our Rhythm Kids collection is Elephant and we will be dancing and drumming to music from all over the world


In December, we started out Winter session with 2 of our Winter Wonderland Hootenannies plus some fun holiday sing alongs.  This winter we will have online classes 5 days a week on both Zoom and Facebook Live.  After our mini break over the holidays, our teachers are ready to get back making music with your family!  Grab a cup of hot chocolate and cuddle up with Musical Folk this winter!    








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Here's what is in store for our winter enrolled families

ZOOM Classes -  You will attend class with your favorite teachers and be able to see all your friends from class from the comfort of your own home.  These class are fun and interactive and a great way to meet other families from our community!  Do you have cousins in another State or Country? They can sign up with you and be in the same class as you (we are now offering "cousin discounts"). 


As the way we gather and get together with family has changed, we want you to be able still keep in touch musically with your family - no matter how far away they are.  Zoom is the perfect way to bring the whole family together.  Are you or grandparents new to Zoom? We got you covered with a little video tutorial. 

Watch the video below to get the most out of our Zoom classes (or send it family that will be joining the class) 

Facebook Live Classes - Our Facebook Live classes are always fun and a HUGE sucess with all our families!  You will get to see your favorite teachers be silly while creating a fun and magical class for your little ones.  These are perfect since you can replay them any time you want and as many times as you want - from anywhere in the world!  Worried about how your little one will do online? Our classes are about "We time". Grown ups making/and modeling the music for their kids. Children learn best through PLAY!  They will move around the room, even play with their toys during class (after all they are at home).  This moving or playing during class is exactly how children learn!  They absorb the music and learn as they move - so just let them have fun during class - this is exactly what they would be doing in an in-class room or outdoor experience also.  We have many families tell us that they thought their child was playing and not paying attention to the class, yet later they sang something or did some moves that happened in class earlier in the day/week!  Not all screen time is created equal, and our classes are extremely interactive!

Hootenanny - Get ready for our Winter Wonderland Hootenannies.  We will gather in small groups in the outdoors (weather permitting). Buddle up in your winter woolies and cozy sweaters.  We will abide by all the CDC rules of mask wearing and social distancing.  You can see a sample of our socially distanced Hootenanny below!  We will be having these in December to start off our winter session and then possibly more in January and/or February to get us all through the winter.  The Hootenannies in Jan/Feb are planning to be a snowman/snow angel making event when we get snow!  In the event the weather is bad or too cold, we will move the event to Zoom.


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