Babies Music Together® Class Online

Yes, your newborn can start music now! 

Have you noticed that your baby can sing, or "coo" to you already but can't speak yet?  Studies show that they can match pitch as early as 2 weeks old.  Try singing to them and listen for the sounds and recations they make. 

Your baby can attend either one of our Music Together® Online Mixed Age classes or our online Babies classes. Both classes are approrpiate for your newborn & your baby will experience all the wonderful joys and benefits of music right from birth.  Music has a huge impact on your baby.  You baby will actually tune in more to your singing voice than your speaking voice.  Even if you don't think that you have a great voice - your baby does!  Read a little more about this HERE

Many parents think their baby must be a few months old, or even older to join a music class.  Most don't realize that your baby comes into this world exquisitely prepared for all musical experiences. They are wired and ready to receive and make music.  Especially during this difficult time we are currently in, it is very hard to get out to meet other new parents.  Our online Babies Zoom class has so many benefits!  Singing and dancing with your baby is a beautiful way for the two of you to bond.  AND music making with other parents of newborns is a great way to find new friends in your community who are just as sleep deprived as you are!

In fact, "babies who participate in music classes with their parents/caregiver in the first year of life, smile more, communicate better and show earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music" (Study from McMaster University).  Not to mention all the other benefits by starting music as a baby.  They develop so many skills; cognitive, social, emotional growth, language development, fine motor skills as they embark on their lifelong musical journey.  This is such a wonderful activity to do with your baby to start to stimulate their brains and bodies and share the joy of music making and bonding with them as a baby.

During this 10 week long class, we will learn new lullabies to help baby (and you) relax and fall asleep, learn some sign language to help as baby's talking and communication skills develop, and we will help nurture the bond between parent and child.  

Each family will receive a CD and a beautifully illustrated music book, as well as access to a website for more music activities and digital copies of the music.  We have 9 collections of music so our program will extend over your babies first 3 years of life.  The music activities and materials are specially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in babies. The Music Together program is one of the few programs that offer such a vast curriculum of age appropriate music and activities and we have over 30 years of research and offering this program to 1000s of famlies all over the world.  You and your baby will love our classes and the beautiful musical journey that will last a life time. 

To try out a class for free today and email us at or head on over to schedule a FREE demo class directly in our Demo scheduler. 


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